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colgroup ... ⁄colgroup, display in browser

Browser display, colgroup element

Video demonstration colgroup element, view in browser

HTML5 colgroup, browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:04 testing the browser display of the colgroup element and its children
00:10 a table without colgroup element
00:17 displays in browser like this
00:25 a table with an empty colgroup element
00:29 displays in browser like this: no change
00:36 a table with 2 non-empty colgroup elements
00:39 displays in browser like this: still no change
00:42 → colgroup element does not display in browser;
→ colgroup's children : col element, does not display in browser also
00:48 CSS rules can be applied to colgroup element, rules which will apply to all columns grouped inside that column group
00:55 we can now see the 2 groups of columns (the colgroup elements) displaying on the page, due to the CSS rules
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